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Socks in Nigeria

5 Types of Socks Every Man Should Have

One of the many human concepts that have seen different tides in evolution is FASHION. Before now, the most produced and worn kind of socks were those ol’ plain, white cotton or elastic socks. Remember them? Those ones with no other function asides keeping your feet from cold? 

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Now, socks are vibrant, fun, fashionable, functional, accessorize your entire look and help you make a statement. More men are beginning to see the need for a sweet socks collection and we are here for it. 

Socks are known as fashion accessory but they also have many benefits and a very crucial part of our feet hygiene because socks absorb moisture – sweat that comes from the skin on your feet (you’ll be surprised to know how much sweat the feet produces per day). So, people in temperate regions like us, here in Nigeria, should consider having a drawer of socks so as to keep the feet odour out and those with less tropical climate conditions a good old pair of socks to keep their feet and toes from freezing out.

There are different kinds of socks out here and your personal style would help determine what kind to buy or keep buying but we want to help you narrow down the list to the five essentials in your wardrobe. This list factors in availability, function, style preference, multi purposefulness, affordability and what has constantly been in vogue through the different times and seasons. 

5 Stylish Socks You Should Have As a Stylish Man

Here’s a list of the 5 must have socks for every man:

No-show socks:

no show socks

Personally, we love these particular type of socks. Just like the name suggests; it’s a secret fashion show going on in your shoes and on your feet only, They are also referred to as invisible socks. They go best with loafers, well according to the Fashion Police. No one except you knows that you aren’t actually sockless. No-show socks are common now especially since the new rave of shorts and wearing sneakers on virtually almost anything and more fashionable men shoes. If you want dry, comfortable and hidden socks, go for these types. There are different variants of this type of socks; plain, with designs, breathable, cotton, wool, etc and they are all available at Zig Manly.

Novelty Socks:

This is exactly what you think it means – original, ingenuine and creatively designed socks. Novelty socks are usually bright-coloured with well-known characters, fun designs or some cool or catchy text. You know how they say some people wear their hearts on their sleeves? Wearing novelty socks can be likened to wearing your creativity on your feet. They are usually mid-length socks that make bold statements. Novelty socks are outside of the boring-socks spectrum and that’s why we think it’s a compulsory one for every man – no matter their personality or profession. 

Crew-Length Socks:

This pair of socks is usually thick, longer than an ankle socks but not mid-length. It’s just right between your ankle and half of your calf. This is referred to as ‘work socks’ – they are usually what most people wear with the standard oxford classic shoes or boots. This is one of the most popular socks in most men’s drawer. They are usually breathable, come in different materials – cotton, wool or even synthetic. Crew-length socks are the ones that can come to the rescue on practically almost anything; especially with the recent trends of socks on shorts and biker shorts. If you ever want to keep it safe, have some crew-length socks in the corner to fall back on. 

Over the Calf Socks:

Think fitted, long, comfortable and cozy when you think over the calf socks. This pair draws all the way to over your calf and almost to your knee. They are usually made from the most breathable material out here because of the fitness at the end and at the toes; they wouldn’t want to cut off circulation to your calf. 

Ankle Socks:

We can’t sum up this list without mentioning this. I’m certain that you own a few already. Ankle socks are unbelievably comfortable and unusually relevant even though they are also little. Just like the name suggests, ankle socks cover all your feet all the way to your ankles. Ankle socks are usually referred to ‘training socks’ because that’s what most people use in working out and doing some athletic trainings but it can also be worn casually. So, you have a night off or bash to attend and you don’t know what to wear? Pick the right ankle socks and all the other pieces may just come together.

All these types of socks are readily available at our store. https://www.zigmanly.com/

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