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Beard Care Tips

Causes of Itchy Beards

Itchy beards, though usually not a cause for concern, however, itchy beards can turn out to be a nightmare. It can be as bad as waking you up from a peaceful sleep to devastatingly distracting during an epoch-making presentation.

When your beards itch this bad, it is time to look into the root cause. It may be that factors like your environment, the type of grooming products you use or something as simple as your habits. Whether you are just starting out in growing a beard or you have been spotting one for a while, Itchy beards can and should be dealt with conclusively.

Your beard is not the same as the hair growing on your head. Your beard growth is largely driven by testosterone levels therefore, you must take care of your mane and groom it differently from how you care for your hair.

However, to deal with this problem, you need to know the cause. This is what is why do most men experience itchy beards and what are the main causes of itchy beards?

Shaving Causes Shaving

 Truth is, as long as you shave your mane with a razor, you will experience itching. Shaving is one common instigator of beard itch. When you shave, this is what happens: Your razor slices through your beard at an angle that leaves the hair with a sharp edge. With time, when the hairs begin to grow, the sharp edge digs into a skin follicle. Some may grow underneath the skin which results in itching. Itchy beards that occur from shaving is something beyond your control but there are beard grooming routines you can follow to reduce the occurrence.

Dry Skin as a Cause of Itchy Beards

Dry skin is another cause of itchy beards. Men who battle with dry, coarse skin will also have the skin beneath their beards in the same state. Some beard grooming products and oil are also major culprits of dryness as they can squeeze out the natural oil from your skin resulting in itchy beards. Quickly treat all skin infections that may break out due to irritation caused by dryness. Skin conditions such eczema, tiny rashes, dandruff if left unattended will cause your beards to itch so bad, even your fingers will seem useless as a scratching tool.

Hard/Coarse Facial Hair

Thick, rough and hard facial hair is another cause of itchy beards. Your facial hair can become coarse if your beards lack enough oil or moisture. This also leads to serious itching. When your beards turn bristly and harsh, the skin beneath your hairs can become irritated. Never allow your beards to become dry or lack moisture 


We know how impossible it is not to get dust on your skin while out on your daily runs and no matter how hard we may try to protect our skin from these particles that fly around the atmosphere, often our beards suffer.

 Tiny particles of dust in your environment, carried into the air may come to rest upon your beards which can cause your beards to itch. If you do not take proper care of your facial hairs by washing daily these particles can become a problem for the skin beneath our beards


After shaving most times, the skin beneath your beards may become inflamed, begin to have tiny pimple-like growth. A lot of us know it as ‘bumps’. This is actually called folliculitis. Bacterial and fungi infections are the main cause of folliculitis and if it is not properly treated leads to red, painful sores which can spread rapidly to other areas of the skin.

Irregular Exfoliating

Exfoliating is the removal of dead skin cells and it is advisable to do this at least twice a week to help with itchy beards. The skin pores, when exfoliated regularly will help to get rid of bumps, pimples, and acne.

Using Old Blades

Irritation can occur when you use old, blunt blades for shaving. Blunt blades will not cut your beard the way it should which may require you to use force in shaving. This may lead to cuts and injury. Change your blades regularly and never use a blade more than three times. Even if they are expensive blades.

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