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Men’s Skin Care Guide : 10 Things You Should Know

Most men make the mistake of neglecting their skins, forgetting the way you look and present yourself can directly impacting your success- whether at you business, place of work or even with the opposite sex!

To achieve a healthy skin, here are simple and easy skin care routines you should know and follow without breaking a bank. But first things first

Know Your Skin Type

Men, you should know the type of skin you have. This is the very first step.

Does your skin react negatively to most products, break out in hives, rashes or you experience some sort of burning or stinging sensation after using some specific products on your skin and after a walk in the sun? Then you have a Sensitive skin. It will be best to seek out products that specifically tackle such skin issues and are mild on your skin, read the labels of lotions and moisturizers before purchase and make sure to apply sunscreen whenever you are going out.

If your skin feels rough, dry or appears to have scales and sometimes itch then you have dry skin. There are factors that can cause dry skin such as environment, weather or dehydration. Get a very active body lotion or moisturizer and use judiciously after bathe. A liquid soap will do your skin type more good as they contain vitamin E and other skin repair ingredients. You can seek for those that are specifically labeled for dry skin. Always drink a lot of water or take fruits that contain lots of fluid.

Skin that appears greasy all the time simply means you have oily skin. Oily skin is really not bad but it can cause your pores to get clogged and have you battling with acne. Wash you face regularly, preferably with warm water and also, purchase a good oil cleanser but avoid cleansers that are harsh on the skin. ‘The harsher the better’ is a myth guys so avoid harsh cleansers. Exfoliate regularly

Normal skin: this is simply a healthy skin. No excess moisture, it is not sensitive and can almost accommodate every moisturizer. However, guys with this skin type should be wary of sun exposure too often.

Wash/Scrub your Body Properly

Do you bath or wash right? I can almost ‘hear’ the eyes rolling at this one.Avoid the ‘sandpaper to wood’ pattern of scrubbing your body. Your skin do not need such hardness.

Generously lather up with a good and mild soap and rinse off with lukewarm water. Pick out the right soap either bar or liquid for your skin type

Men Need to Moisturize Too

Guys, never forget to apply the body lotions after bath each morning. Let me let you guys in on a trick. Apply your body lotion when you skin is still damp. By so doing, the lotion seeps into your skin and helps to lock in moisture. While applying to your face, do so in circular motion and with the tip of your fingers to avoid sagging of the face. Also ensure you are using the right skincare products.

Drink Water for Better Looking Skin

Always stay hydrated. You see, applying moisturizer is just one part of the skin care routine, staying hydrated is another. Try to drink six to eight glasses of water every day and no, you cannot substitute your beer and vodka for water. If it is not water, then it cannot be like water.  So guys, drink up!

Minimize your Intake of Sugar

A jar of sugar which is not good for skin

We cannot emphasize this enough. Yes we know the taste of sugar in our mouth somehow lightens our mood but too much of it is simply disastrous especially for your skin. Totally cutting off from sugar can be difficult (even though it will do you a lot of good at the long run) you can limit your intake like once or twice in a week in very little quantities. Cakes, coke, juice, candies and the likes are culprits which can lead to premature aging of your skin, dark circles around the eyes and wrinkles.

Get Out of the Sun

Most times, the nature of your jobs may require that you be under the sun for a long period of time. We know your job comes first but this practice is really harmful to your skin. Sun emits dangerous rays which ages the skin rapidly by slowing the collagen process forcing the skin to lose its elasticity. Invest in a good sunscreen or always purchase lotion that contains SPF(Sun Protection Factor which enables you stay in the sun longer) . If it is possible take breaks from under the sun at the slightest chance you get.

Completely Cut Off Smoking

man smoking cigarette which is bad for skin.

Men, you wouldn’t want to walk around with uneven patches and skin discoloration would you? This is exactly what smoking does to your skin overtime. Every man who loves his skin must hate the smokes. Smoking causes your skin to become pale, dry and dull. Women find such skins a turn off…big time! In addition, when you smoke, the process of taking in smoke and puffing out smoke can lead to wrinkles forming right around the mouth area and may even cause it to sag a bit. 

Pay Attention to Your Pattern of Shaving

The skin on your face is quite sensitive and can react to your pattern and style of shaving. Use razors that are mild to your skin. When shaving, be careful not to over stretch the skin on your face as this may lead to sagging.  

Understand Your Skin

Look out for unusual birthmarks, moles or any spot that seem to have recently surfaced on your skin. Do not ignore any patch or change in color of your skin as these may be early warning signs of skin cancer. Guys, please, if you notice any of these or you feel something on your skin doesn’t look right, see a dermatologist without delay. Skin cancer, if detected on time, can be treatable. Always study you skin.

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