The Socks of Liberty:Luxurious & Artsy


The cotton-rich knit of the Socks of Liberty ensures luxurious comfort. Every single knit is put in place with attention to detail to ensure durability.

This Socks is Sweat-absorbent. The luxurious cotton ensures that it is breathable and non-friction.

Wear socks that is pure art!

The Socks of Liberty  is a symbol of Freedom.It is a reminder that you are free to dream, chase those dreams and live your life to the fullest! It is a sign to all that you are a go-getter who never backs out of their dreams.

Look at this socks on your feet and you remember that you can and are able to break through any walls to reach your dreams!

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The Socks of Liberty by Zig Manly is ;

  • Symbolism: Freedom
  • Breathable
  • Non-Friction
  • Cotton-rich knit for Luxurious Comfort.
  • Fitted Cuffs.
  • Quality Cotton.
  • Durability Assured.