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Beard Care Tips

Why Your Beard Is Not Growing

Not all men will become the ‘beard gang’ team or grow the beard of their dreams. Two factors are instrumental in determining beard growth speed-hormones and genetics . However, though beard growth is driven to a great extent by testosterone, health and your habit also play a major role in aiding or inhibiting your beard growth.

Some men experience full, rich beards as early as 18 years of age while some others , very rarely though may go on 22 , 23 years of age without any sign of spotting.

As a man, there are some habits of yours that inhibits your beard from growing fully as you so desire. Here are 10 of such habits you should do away with if you want lustrous soft and full beard

Your Bad Diet May Be The Reason You Can’t Grow a Beard

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Some guys, especially the negligent bachelors live largely on bad diet, making junk food part of their daily lives. Highly processed foods contain little or no nutrients whereas eating healthy, regular balanced meals can improve the fullness of your beards and propel rapid growths as nutrients such as zinc, and a meal rich in protein may be beneficial in increasing testosterone levels.

Tugging at Your Beards Can Stop It’s Growth

A lot of guys are guilty of this. A lot of men pull or tug on their beards when they are lost in thought while some play with their beard out of habit or they just find it ‘nice’ to do. Whichever the reason guys, tugging at your beard is a really bad habit as it can harm your beard and inhibit growth. Now, am not against lightly stroking your beards once in a while or so; no harm in that but if you do this often and on, it won’t be long before you begin to unconsciously pull out your beards which invariably alters the richness and fullness of your beards. Not to mention causing injury to yourself .

I know men who have confessed to shaving off all their beards because they wouldn’t just stop pulling, twisting, picking at it. Which means shaving off all the hard work to grow them in the first place. 

Rubbing/Stroking/Caressing Your Beards

This might sound strange but then come to think of it. Regularly stroking your beard has its own bad effects it may seem like an innocent act or not too big a deal but whilst you stroke your beard, the grooming products which you may have applied like oil and other beard grooming products stick to your fingers which you in turn, continually use in stroking your beards. What happens? Your oily hands which may harbor bacteria can cause the skin beneath your beards to get inflamed, break out in pimples and acne which can be very painful.   

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Excessively Washing Your Beard

Of course you need to wash your beard. In fact, cleaning and oiling your beards gives it a healthy look. The issue is doing in excess. Washing your beard excessively all the time can dry out the natural oil from your beards making it look dry and may cause the skin underneath to break out in dandruff. Advice? Use soap or any other beard wash of your choice thrice a week and for the other days just simply rinse with water. This will keep your beard rich and luscious.

Lack of Sleep

We know sleep is really, really important for our overall wellbeing. It is also necessary to build up testosterone levels in young men and not getting the required sleep you need can adversely affect this process.

Inadequate Rest

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Stress causes a lot of tension, mental and emotional strain on the human body which also adversely affects the well-being of a person. Hair loss also can be attributed to stress. So the better rest you have, the more chance of your beard being rich, thick and full.

Smoking Hurts Your Beard

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An old study shows that smoking can lead to hair loss. If you crave a full, luscious and rich beard, it is advisable to completely avoid smoking.

Using Your Fingers as a Comb

Sometimes, men can be in such a hurry to leave the house or catch up with an appointment that they may not have time to run a comb or brush through their beards. So instead, they improvise by running their fingers through the beards, haphazardly. This habit is really bad as you may pull off strands of your facial hair, or injure the skin beneath your beards in the process. Also, guys, if you are part of the ‘beard gang’ team, always, at every point endeavor to carry along a small brush or comb with you.

Over Combing

Combing your beard is a healthy way of grooming your beards but do not overdo it. As the popular saying goes “too much of everything is bad”. Over combing your facial hairs may cause your mane to pull out, leaving irregular patches.

Applying Too Much/Inferior Beard Grooming Products

Guys, we understand what your facial hairs signify and how much it means to you. We understand your obsession in wanting to make them appear perfect and well groomed. However, in the quest to achieve all of these, you have to be super mindful of the type of beard grooming products you apply on your mane. Go for trusted and genuine products, you can get some of them at really cheap prices too. Remember, cheap is not always fake and expensive is not always original.

On a final note guys, it is important to note that facial hair growth is largely dependent on genetics, so if it is not available, then your beard simply won’t grow. Right? However, your diet, habit and lifestyle can help in thickening of your mane and making it healthy.

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